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Restore Your Youthful Complexion with Dermal Fillers in Coral Gables, FL

Aging surprises us all, but one common and unexpected consequence of time is age-related volume loss in your face and lips. Sunken cheeks and flat lips can make us look tired, gaunt, and way older than we feel. Thankfully, there’s an easy solution to volume loss—dermal fillers and lip fillers in Coral Gables. With a simple, quick appointment, you can boost volume in your cheeks, lips, and elsewhere for a plump and energetic look you’ll love! Learn more about dermal fillers and schedule your appointment with Sweet Skin by Gaby today!

How Dermal Fillers & Lip Fillers Work

Youthful skin is supported by hyaluronic acid (HA)—a naturally occurring substance that acts as both a hydrating lubricant and a supportive cushion for the skin above. Unfortunately, our natural HA decreases as we age, leading to skinny, cracked lips, sunken cheeks, under-eye bags, and other unwanted symptoms. Dermal fillers restore your plump, youthful skin by injecting an HA-based filler beneath the skin. This fights wrinkles by boosting volume, supports the skin by hydrating it from below, and boosts lips for that perfectly kissable look we all desire. Dermal fillers don’t just smooth and support your skin—they increase skin health, too!

What Can Dermal Fillers Treat?

By filling the void caused by natural volume loss, dermal fillers can treat numerous signs and symptoms of premature aging, including:

The Benefits of Dermal Fillers & Lip Fillers

Dermal fillers reverse volume loss in a single appointment. But they boast other benefits, too, including:


Who’s a Good Candidate for Dermal Fillers?

Dermal fillers can restore volume to cheeks, lips, and elsewhere for healthy adults of all ages. If you’re unhappy with your appearance while your face is at rest, dermal fillers and lip fillers are ideal for you. If you’re unhappy with facial wrinkles while smiling, frowning, or making faces, then Botox may be the better solution. Fillers are not recommended for pregnant or breastfeeding women. Those with a history of severe allergies/reactions (anaphylaxis) should also avoid the treatment. Contact us to learn if dermal fillers are right for you!

Dermal Filler FAQs

Everyone metabolizes HA-based dermal fillers differently. On average, you can expect dermal filler results to last anywhere from 6 months to a whole year. Numerous factors affect the duration of your dermal filler benefits, including your metabolism, the depth of the injection, and lifestyle choices (smoking, sun exposure, etc.).

To learn what you can expect from dermal filler results, contact Sweet Skin by Gaby in Coral Gables, FL, today!

Like dermal fillers, you can generally expect lip fillers to last 6 months to one year. The duration of your benefits depends on numerous factors, including how quickly your body metabolizes the filler and your general lifestyle choices. With just a single appointment, you can achieve the perfect, kissable lips of your dreams—all without surgery, dangerous cosmetic implants, and other more invasive means.

Your lip filler appointment should be a mostly comfortable experience. In some cases, your provider may apply a numbing agent for ultimate comfort. Depending on your sensitivity to needles, the lip filler treatment may be more or less comfortable for you. But on average, patients describe the experience as being easy, comfortable, and confidence-boosting.

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Restore Your Youthful Appearance with Fillers Today!

With immediate and long-lasting results, dermal fillers and lip fillers are here to stay. By filling the void created through natural volume loss, fillers smooth wrinkles, plump lips, and restore sharper contours to your face for a more youthful appearance. Ready to look and feel like yourself again? Schedule your appointment today!

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