Benefits of eMatrix Skin Resurfacing

Benefits of eMatrix Skin Resurfacing

What it Does & How it Works

Skin care is healthcare and the one beauty regimen that’s truly timeless. Clothes, jewelry, and makeup trends come and go, but you wear your skin every day. You deserve to wear it proudly — which is why we’re obsessed with the eMatrix™ laser skin resurfacing technique.

What is eMatrix™?

eMatrix™ is an FDA-approved laser skin resurfacing method that enhances your skin’s natural beauty. From acne, scars and pores to fine lines and wrinkles, it improves your skin’s overall texture, brightens your natural glow, and tightens your skin’s layers for a smoother, fresh, new look.

How Does eMatrix™ Work?

eMatrix™ uses specialized radiofrequency energy to smooth the texture and feel of your skin. It gently yet effectively targets damaged skin and makes way for fresh, new skin to replace it by activating your fibroblasts — the cells responsible for producing collagen in your skin.

Evidence shows it’s a safe, effective, yet gentle skin resurfacing method. You’ll see improvement after the first session, but for optimal results 3 sessions are recommended. All treatments are delivered by our highly experienced certified professionals at our Coral Gables Medical Spa.

Benefits of eMatrix™ Acne & Anti-Aging Treatment

1. Treats acne and acne scars.

Unlike many other acne treatments, eMatrix™ is gentle on your skin while effective
on your acne. Each treatment typically takes less than 45 minutes with little to no
down time other than redness the day of treatment and the following day.

2. Reduces fine lines, wrinkles, and stretch marks.

eMatrix™ targets the texture of your skin. Whether from age or sun damage, it stimulates cell production to regenerate, refresh and renew your skin.

3. All-natural anti-aging and acne treatment.

No harsh chemicals. No aggressive products. eMatrix™ is an all-natural treatment for youthful, rejuvenated skin!

eMatrix™ Acne & Anti-Aging Treatment Near

Miami Looking for acne treatment or anti-aging skin care services in Coral Gables? Sweet Skin by Gaby offers an escape for anyone and everyone to empower their smoothest, sexiest skin. We offer a wide selection of acne and anti-aging skin care services, including high-end eMatrix™ skin resurfacing treatments. Turn back time and give your skin the second chance it deserves. Book an appointment online now, or view our payment plans to get started!

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